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Mr. Welton writes a series of columns for an attorney publication, Trial Talk, that may be of interest to other lawyers. Many are collected here.

Live Simply – Trial Talk Oct/Nov 2014

Controversy? – Trial Talk Aug/Sept 2014

Then, and NOW – Trial Talk June/July 2014

Trolling for Clients – Trial Talk April/May 2014

The Social Contract – Trial Talk Feb/Mar 2014

Sustainability – Trial Talk December/January 2012

Who Are We? – Trial Talk December/January 2011

Who Are We? – Trial February/March 2011

Who Are We? – Trial Talk June/July 2011

Who Are We? – Trial Talk April/May 2010

Who Are We? – Trial Talk October/November 2010

Who Are We? – Trial Talk August/September 2009

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"When my local business was pulled into litigation, I reached out to Mr. Welton, my long term acquaintance, to provide legal representation. He agreed to help us. The results have always been victories despite the fact that they have been complicated cases which by my measure required wisdom, thoughtful reflection, patience and in-depth informed analysis. A more experienced and insightful attorney cannot be found." - Dr. Walter T. Simon, President - Denver CO
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