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My Job As Your Attorney

Colorado Attorney Charles Welton

“My job is to evaluate and pursue your claim, protect your rights, negotiate in accord with your wishes, and work hard to obtain the best result possible.  Period.”

Charles Welton

The Denver Law Firm of Charles Welton

Recognized in The Denver Post as a Top Lawyer in Denver for Excellence and Achievements by the Legal Community in 2014 and 2015.

People with legal problems have been finding a safe harbor here for the legal help they need for more than thirty years. My law practice continues to focus on three kinds of cases:


1) Helping people to recover from injuries and related harms caused by others.


2) Helping small business owners suffering financial consequences from the wrongdoing of others.


3) Helping those who have been wronged by the malpractice of lawyers, in an effort to remedy compounded tragedies.

I believe in using the claims process including the courtroom when necessary to pursue and achieve social justice for the community. Too often the interests of real people are overshadowed by the self-interests of Big Business–the corporate or insurance entity, and those folks can lose their chance for the American Dream and the pursuit of happiness promised to us as the very foundation of our country.

The role of the trial lawyer in our communities is still to assist people who have been harmed by others, to achieve a level playing field through the claims process supported by our court system.


Mr. Welton provides an initial consultation at no charge. Many of the cases that he takes on to evaluate and pursue are done on a contingency fee basis. This means he is paid a percentage of the recovery obtained. Other clients are represented on an hourly fee basis, where Mr. Welton is paid for his time rather than for the results obtained. This can be beneficial to the client in some circumstances.

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Client testimonials

"When my local business was pulled into litigation, I reached out to Mr. Welton, my long term acquaintance, to provide legal representation. He agreed to help us. The results have always been victories despite the fact that they have been complicated cases which by my measure required wisdom, thoughtful reflection, patience and in-depth informed analysis. A more experienced and insightful attorney cannot be found." - Dr. Walter T. Simon, President - Denver CO
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